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Wonderful Wood

At Deben Windows, we offer a choice of finest quality timbers. Preferred timbers such a Sapele, Douglas Fir and Accoya are renowned for their durability and sustainability.

Sustainable timber is extremely important for both environmental purposes and the future of our industry. Wood is a natural resource, which we respect and acknowledge and we never use environmentally damaging cheap softwood timbers that have to be vac treated.

Both quality and characteristics of material are hugely important throughout the joinery process. We work with our preferred partners of certified timber merchants who supply extremely reliable and responsibly sourced timber.


Sapele wood is well known for its hardness and durability, making it a beautiful and sustainable timber that is very popular. Originating from Africa this timber is most commonly used for door and windowsills due to its excellent effect.

Douglas Fir

The natural resins within the wood and the close annual rings make this timber very stable and weather resistant. From Canada and originally sourced in Victorian times this a favourite of ours tried and tested for windows and doors.


Accoya timber is very durable and weather resistant. The unique qualities and appeal are down to a clever modification through a chemical process that alters the cell structure preventing it from holding moisture. We are an Accoya® Approved Manufacturer.

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