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Casement Windows

Bespoke Casement Windows

Made-to-order in our Suffolk workshop, our casement windows are constructed entirely from high-grade timber. They are masterfully finished, enduring, secure and thermally efficient.

There are many styles of casement windows to suit different properties; at Deben Windows we provide a full range from small pane Tudor to modern and contemporary flush designs.

As well as this we offer the option of incorporating traditional butt hinges with stays and fasteners to modern friction hinges with multi-point espagnolette lock fasteners.

Bespoke timber casement windows are a very popular choice in the UK and we are experts at recreating and replicating existing designs for homes in conservation areas and listed buildings.

Casement windows are identified by their side hinges and outwards opening.

Trusted timber

Both quality and characteristics of material are hugely important to us and to the outcome of the finished window. We work with our trusted partners of certified timber merchants who supply extremely reliable and responsibly sourced timber. Our preferred timbers include Sapele, Douglas Fir and Accoya. Read more about our materials.

We can help you through the entire process, be it restoring, upgrading or fitting brand new windows. Whichever option is right for your project or property, all our windows meet thermal, acoustic and security standards.


Over the years, we have developed extensive experience in working with listed buildings and the associated rules, regulations and restrictions. In fact, period-style windows for Listed Buildings are our speciality. Every single window is bespoke and built to the exact required specification for the sympathetic nature of the project.

Finishing touches

We use a preparation and finishing system that protects the integrity of the paint, allows the wood to breathe and guarantees a perfect finish on all of our windows and doors. Read more about our workshop.


All of our sash and casement windows are made using the finest timber to ensure the highest quality look and finish. We use a range of world-class timbers to ensure our customers can benefit from the right type for their requirements.


We supply glazing options to suit all requirements and premises. Our glazing options include traditional to layered and privacy ensuring styles.


We use the very best equipment to ensure that all our products are finished to the highest standards and that you can have total confidence in their sustainability and durability.


All work is undertaken in our own factory in the Suffolk countryside by expert craftsmen. We blend the best of both modern and traditional approaches to guarantee the quality of our work and that all our windows operate smoothly and with ease.


We supply products with a range of frames and bar profiles for you to choose from. This includes a variety of thickness options on our glazing.


If required we can provide or recommend a variety of options to suit our windows to ensure suitability and style.

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